About Lindsay

Navigating through the terminology in the health and wellness industry is tough! Even for a professional. My background as a Registered Nurse gives me the unique ability to truly understand your health history and back ground and apply them with my nutritional strategies. Not only do I have my Bachelors in nursing, but I am always investing in myself to continue my education so that I can be sure to bring YOU the most up-to-date information. With The FITT Cycle, it is my main mission to equip you with all the tools you need to ditch the quick fixes and create a sustainable lifestyle. This means fitting the program and strategies into YOUR schedule… not the other way around. The diet you just tried… will be the last one you EVER do!!

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The Fitt Cycle Cookbook Vol. 1

The FITT Cycle Recipe book includes:

66 pages of The FITT Cycle approved declicious recipes

66 Recipes complete with Macronutrient calculation for easy tracking

15 High carb recipes with low carb swap outs and suggestions

15 low carb recipes with high carb swap outs and suggestions

10 High carb "sides, salads, and snacks"

11 low carb "sides, salads, and snacks"

5 High carb smoothies

5 low carb smoothies

5 "Leg Day Luxury" recipes